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        SYM type membrane separation nitrogen plant

        The working principle of

        Membrane separation nitrogen making technology is based on the nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the membrane pressure difference on both sides, in the different solubility in the membrane and the diffusion coefficient and achieve separation, water vapor permeability fast, oxygen and other gas through the membrane first, become rich gas, oxygen permeability and enrichment of nitrogen is stuck with a slower, become dry nitrogen rich gas, achieve the purpose of separation of oxygen and nitrogen.


        Technical characteristics

        ◆ simple operation, reliable operation, high degree of automation, no moving parts, no cycle switching, meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation;

        ◆ it is convenient and quick to open/stop, and the qualified nitrogen can be produced after 10 minutes.

        ◆ low running energy consumption, continuous adjustable nitrogen purity;

        ◆ the gas separation process is noiseless, pollution-free, does not produce hazardous waste, high nitrogen production cleanliness;

        ◆ the nitrogen production capacity of the system can be expanded by adding membrane components to meet the needs of customers for different nitrogen production.

        ◆ with film group air intake quality detection and protection device, to ensure that qualified gas into the film component, improve the service life of the film;

        ◆ compact structure, easy installation, small floor area;

        ◆ wide range of application, can resist many chemical pollution;

        ◆ optional remote monitoring system, automatic purity regulation device, DSC communication, etc.

        ◆ it can be divided into fixed type, mobile type, truck type, etc.

        ◆ can be divided into low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure series.


        Technical indicators

        Nitrogen production rate: 5~3000Nm /h

        Nitrogen purity: 95%~99.9%

        Nitrogen pressure: 0.1~ 2.0mpa (adjustable and supercharged)

        Nitrogen dew point: -40℃~-60℃


        Characteristics of the separation membrane system

        ◆ imported from the United States, long life, reliable quality;

        ◆ air pretreatment is the simplest;

        ◆ strong permeability, oil resistance and pollution resistance;

        ◆ easy to operate, do not need maintenance;

        ◆ capacity expansion is easy;

        ◆ wide range of operation.


        SYM type membrane separation nitrogen plant  


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