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        SYC nitrogen plus carbon purification plant

        Product introduction

        At a certain temperature, the residual oxygen in nitrogen reacts with the carbon catalyst to form carbon dioxide. The chemical reaction formula is C+O2=CO2, and the oxygen content in nitrogen is ≤5PPM. After the pressure changing adsorption process, CO2 and water are removed, and the particles and impurities in nitrogen are removed by filtration, the purity of nitrogen above 99.9995% is obtained. The catalyst of the combustion nitrogen purification device is consumable, which needs to be added after the device has been running for a period of time. The biggest feature of the device is that it does not need to be equipped with a hydrogen source and the outlet nitrogen does not contain hydrogen. The device needs to be equipped with raw nitrogen according to 1.1 times of the nitrogen output. Syc-a is A single deoxidizing tower process, the user needs to add catalyst when the appropriate downtime, suitable for continuous intermittent use of the user. Syc-b is a double deoxidized tower process, the user does not need to stop when adding catalyst, can be added under the condition of continuous operation of equipment, suitable for continuous continuous use of users.


        Technical characteristics

        ◆ high efficiency carbon catalyst, advanced technology, good stability, high purity nitrogen.

        ◆ nitrogen does not contain hydrogen. It is suitable for places with strict requirements on hydrogen and oxygen.

        Deoxidizer and heater adopt high temperature resistant material. Safe and reliable.

        ◆ the preheater added in the device can recover the heat of deoxidized nitrogen in the deoxidizing device, and can save energy by more than 30%.

        ◆ adsorption dryer for CO2 removal and deep dehydration, large adsorption capacity, long adsorption time, low energy consumption.

        ◆ the suction dryer adopts PLC control imported from Germany Siemens, which is safe and reliable.

        ◆ the structure of the dideoxy tower is one in use and one in reserve. The catalyst can be added in the case of continuous use to meet the continuous non-stop use of customers.

        ◆ the heater adopts a one - in - one - off design to ensure the heating temperature and improve the reliability.

        ◆ after using the carbon catalyst in the deoxidized tower, there are no impurities and carbon powder residue, no need to purge, carbon catalyst can be added directly.

        ◆ equipped with automatic chain vent, a variety of fault alarm.


        Technical indicators

        Nitrogen production rate: 10~800Nm /h

        Nitrogen purity: ≥99.9995%

        Carbon dioxide content: ≤5PPm

        Pressure drop: 0.1mpa

        Oxygen content: ≤5PPm

        Nitrogen atmospheric pressure dew point: -60℃


         SYC nitrogen plus carbon purification plant  
        specifications Nitrogen production Purified yield Installed power Cooling water consumption Size (length * width) Carbonization charge
        (Nm³/h) (Nm³/h) KW T/h mm*mm kg
        SYC-10 11 10 1.5 0.3 1120*920 16
        SYC-20 22 20 2.5 0.6 1180*980 32
        SYC-30 33 30 4 0.8 1200*1100 48
        SYC-40 44 40 5 1.5 1250*1200 65
        SYC-50 55 50 6.5 2.2 1300*1250 80
        SYC-60 66 60 8 2.8 1350*1270 96
        SYC-80 88 80 10.5 3.2 1450*1350 128
        SYC-100 110 100 13.5 4.5 1600*1500 160
        SYC-150 165 150 18 6 1750*1550 240
        SYC-200 220 200 28 8 1900*1750 320
        SYC-300 330 300 40 13 2200*1900 480
        SYC-500 550 500 68 20 2500*2200 800
        SYC-600 660 600 80 25 2750*2350 960
        SYC-800 880 800 95 30 3150*2650 1280


        ● the data in this table are calculated at 32℃ ambient temperature, 99.9% nitrogen intake purity, 30℃ cooling water temperature, 24 hours a day, and the carbon catalyst is added every three months.

        ●The purity of general nitrogen intake is allowed to be selected in the range of 99.7% ~ 99.9%. The purity of different general nitrogen raw gas and the consumption of carbon catalyst can be adjusted accordingly.

        ● syb-100 and above equipment, deoxidizing tower for the twin tower type. Other models are agreed upon according to user's requirements.



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