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        SYZ vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant

        The working principle of        
        Oxygen is an important industrial gas, widely used in steel, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, furnace energy saving, environmental protection (sewage treatment, waste incineration, etc.), glass, paper, medical and other industries. In the 1990s, the lithium molecular sieve adsorbent appeared, and the oxygen production by air separation by psa rapidly developed into a new low-cost oxygen production technology and began to be widely used. ShengYang company with independent development and production of international leading level of new efficient lithium base air separation oxygen adsorbent PU - 8, on the basis of successful development of psa oxygen producing complete sets of technology, and developed a unique air distribution design technology and solves the large diameter of light adsorption bed airflow distribution uniformity problem, realize the large-scale oxygen generating device. According to the needs of users, shengyang company can provide a complete set of pressure swing adsorption air separation oxygen production equipment, or by equipment leasing, on-site gas supply and other ways of cooperation, also use pu-8 high-efficiency oxygen production adsorbent to the user's original oxygen production equipment for technical transformation.  
        Technical indicators     

        Oxygen purity: adjustable from 21 % to 95%

        Oxygen production scale: 10~20000Nm /h

        Oxygen production energy consumption: when oxygen purity is 90%, it is 0.32~0.37KW. H /Nm


        SYZ vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant  


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