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        SYO pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant   

        The working principle of

        SYO oxygen production device is carefully developed using PSA pressure swing adsorption principle, with high quality oxygen production molecular sieve as adsorbent, directly separated from the air at room temperature to produce oxygen. Compressed air treated with dry cleaning. Into the adsorption tower with molecular sieve, the air nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water and so on are absorbed by a large number of molecular sieve in the solid phase, and the oxygen concentration in the gas phase due to the small amount of adsorption. When the adsorption of adsorbent reaches saturation, the pressure is reduced so that the zeolite can be desorbed and regenerated, so that the zeolite can be reused. The system sets up two adsorption towers, one adsorption oxygen production tower, one desorption regeneration tower, the use of imported PLC control cycle alternately two towers, in order to achieve continuous production of high-quality oxygen.


        Main technical indicators

        Oxygen yield: 3~200Nm /h

        Oxygen purity: 93%+2% (standard 93%)

        Oxygen pressure: 0.1~ 0.4mpa (adjustable)

        Oxygen atmospheric pressure dew point: -43℃


        Product features

        1.The whole machine runs reliably

        The organic combination of advanced oxygen production process design, scientific gas distribution structure, unique molecular sieve filling process, special oxygen production molecular sieve protection measures and automatic cylinder compression compensation device is conducive to the long-term use of oxygen production molecular sieve. Continuous production stable use of imported PLC control system and switching life up to 3 million times of imported pneumatic valve, efficient and reliable; Ensure continuous and reliable operation of the device.


        2.Advanced control system

        PLC control system, automation degree is high, can choose touch screen control system, which USES the human interface design, have shown more function, online shows that nitrogen gas purity, flow, pressure, parameters such as the fault signal, and can change operation parameters online, with remote monitoring, remote transmission signal, and remote key functions, high degree of automation, simple operation, can realize automatic unmanned, and DCS system and users from spreading.


        3. Low operation cost

        Compared with other methods (including cryogenic oxygen, liquid oxygen, and cylinder oxygen), PSA oxygen production is less expensive to operate in small and medium-sized devices.


        SYO pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant  
        specifications Nitrogen production Effective air volume Nitrogen gas purity The nitrogen pressure
        (Nm³/h) (Nm³/min) Mpa
        SYO-3 3 0.8 93±2% 0.1~0.4
        SYO-5 5 1.25
        SYO-10 10 2.5
        SYO-20 20 5
        SYO-30 30 7.5
        SYO-50 50 12
        SYO-60 60 15
        SYO-80 80 19.5
        SYO-100 100 23.5
        SYO-150 150 35
        SYO-200 200 48


        ● the parameters listed in this table are designed based on 0.6mpa (nominal pressure) raw material compressed air, 20℃ ambient temperature, 0 m elevation and 80% relative humidity.

        ● the installation site is non-explosion-proof zone, the ambient temperature is 3 ~ 45℃, good ventilation.


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